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How Keyword Strategy Helped Proseso Expand Global Presence

By meticulously selecting and optimizing keywords, they navigated diverse markets, improving visibility and resonance across borders.
Proseso Consulting – Modern Accounting Finance Expert
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Company Size

10-50 employees


Accounting & Finance

Client Overview

Proseso Consulting prides itself on delivering top-notch finance and accounting solutions, ensuring accuracy in financial data and empowering businesses with valuable insights. Their commitment lies in aiding small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to realize their objectives and enhance their financial well-being.

The Challenge

Elevating SEO and Expanding Global Presence

Proseso Consulting faced a two-fold challenge: optimizing their website using the Odoo platform, a less familiar system in the Philippines, and expanding their audience reach globally, particularly targeting France, the US, and Singapore. They sought an SEO partner capable of not only enhancing their website’s SEO but also improving its design and layout within the Odoo platform to attract both local and international clientele.

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Strategy Implementation

By prioritizing user experience enhancements, strategic keyword integration for improved visibility, and the creation of a user-friendly reporting template on Google Data Studio, SEOBoost brought about significant improvements in Proseso’s website navigation, search engine ranking, and simplified data interpretation for enhanced client monitoring.

  • Comprehensive Website Revamp on Odoo: SEOBoost embarked on a comprehensive revamping of Proseso Consulting’s website on the Odoo platform. The team prioritized user experience by redesigning pages, ensuring intuitive and user-friendly navigation.
  • Keyword Integration: To bolster search engine visibility, SEOBoost strategically incorporated a multitude of relevant keywords across the website. This approach aimed to improve Proseso Consulting’s ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs) – not just for local but also international audience.
  • Customized Google Data Studio Reporting: Recognizing the need for simplified data interpretation, we customized a reporting template on Google Data Studio. This initiative facilitated easy and comprehensive traffic monitoring for clients, even for those unfamiliar with the tool.

The Results

A Satisfied Client and Flourishing Business

Within a mere 90 days, the collaboration between Proseso Consulting and SEOBoost yielded remarkable outcomes. Proseso witnessed a substantial 142% surge in organic search impressions, signifying a significant increase in visibility. Moreover, organic traffic surged by an impressive 23%, reflecting enhanced user engagement and interest in their services.

Most notably, Proseso Consulting transcended local keyword limitations and achieved visibility on international search queries. This expansion enabled them to reach a global audience, fostering opportunities for new clientele and business growth.

Before Seo &Amp; Keyword Research With Seoboost - Proseso Consulting After Seo &Amp; Keyword Research With Seoboost - Proseso Consulting

Why SEOBoost?

The partnership between Proseso Consulting and SEOBoost stands as a testament to the transformative power of strategic SEO enhancement. Through adept optimization on the Odoo platform and a focused international SEO strategy, Proseso Consulting experienced exponential growth in online visibility and engagement, paving the way for a thriving global presence.

As Proseso Consulting continues to evolve and cater to the financial needs of SMEs worldwide, this successful collaboration with SEOBoost serves as an inspiring model for businesses aiming to broaden their reach and maximize their online potential.

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