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How Empleyo Reached Their Potential Customers with Hybrid SEO

Leveraging hybrid SEO strategies, Empleyo strategically positioned themselves in front of their target audience and improved their online presence.
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Company Size

10-50 employees


Human Resources Services


Client Overview

Empleyo, a vibrant startup stepping into the competitive arena of employer of record services. They were the new kid on the block, facing off against established names with deep roots in the industry. With a brand-new website and an innovative business model barely known in the market, Empleyo’s challenge was not just to introduce themselves but to stand out.

The Challenge

Their mission was bold and straightforward: capture at least 10 quality leads each month by boosting brand awareness, ramping up traffic, and enhancing online visibility. It’s about making Empleyo not just seen, but sought after.

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Strategy Implementation

Our hybrid SEO strategy was tailor-made for Empleyo, featuring a diverse mix of techniques:

  • On-page SEO: This was all about getting down to the nitty-gritty—fine-tuning content, tweaking meta tags, and making sure every page shouted Empleyo’s value propositions in the language of search engines.
  • Keyword Optimization: We targeted the sweet spots—low competition keywords with high search volumes. This isn’t about casting the widest net, but the smartest one.
  • Technical SEO: From the start, their site needed love on the technical front. We enhanced site speed and streamlined mobile optimization to improve user experiences bit by bit.
  • AI-Powered Content Marketing: By harnessing AI, we crafted content that not only engaged but resonated deeply with potential clients, driving both traffic and interaction.
  • Email Marketing: Our targeted campaigns kept potential leads warm, engaged, and informed, strengthening brand presence.
  • Paid Ads: Google Ads were the cherry on top, amplifying our SEO efforts and targeting demographics with precision.

Hybrid SEO Results

Since we began working with Empleyo at the launch of their website in 2021, we’ve celebrated numerous victories together. Here are some of the standout achievements we’ve recently accomplished:
  • Our email marketing efforts last April exploded with high open and click rates, significantly boosting site activity.
Hybrid Seo - Email Marketing Integration
  • Just one month after overhauling a key page, its impressions doubled.
Hybrid Seo Result - On-Page Optimization + Content Marketing
  • AI-driven content marketing propelled our latest blog posts to become the most-clicked pages.
Hybrid Seo - Content Marketing Integration
  • A consistent effort to refresh important pages and publish regular articles in combination of focusing on low-density, high-search-volume keywords has doubled both impressions and search queries.
Hybrid Seo Result – Impressions
Hybrid Seo Results Queries
  • Importantly, these strategies have all contributed to a steady increase in qualified leads.


Hybrid SEO was pivotal in achieving these outcomes. The blend of AI-driven content marketing with solid on-page and technical SEO improvements directly influenced the surge in traffic and engagement. While our strategy has been largely successful, the journey revealed valuable insights: the necessity of regular content updates and the surprising effectiveness of email marketing in the B2B sector, even where it might traditionally be overlooked.


This case study clearly illustrates that hybrid SEO can dramatically improve a business’s online presence and operational success. For Empleyo, the integration of varied, innovative SEO tactics not only enhanced their digital visibility but also positioned them competitively against established industry leaders.

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