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How HairBack Clinic Doubled Leads with SEO, CRO & Content Marketing

Implementing a comprehensive strategy that combined Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) techniques with impactful SEO and Content Marketing, HairBack Clinic doubled leads, revolutionizing their outreach and engagement in the hair restoration industry.
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Turkey & Spain

Company Size

10-50 employees


Hair Transplant

About the Company

HairBack Clinic, a distinguished hair transplant clinic based in Turkey, boasts a team of highly skilled surgeons specializing in FUE/DHI hair transplant techniques. With a collective experience of over 12 years in hospitals and a decade in clinical practice, the clinic’s experts are renowned for their expertise and proficiency in the field.

The Challenge

Despite having a solid reputation within the hair transplant industry, HairBack Clinic faced the challenge of establishing a robust online presence. They recently launched their website and sought an SEO agency to introduce their clinic to audiences from France, Spain, Italy, and English-speaking regions interested in traveling to Turkey for hair transplant procedures. Their goal was to position themselves as the premier destination for hair transplants in Turkey.

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How SEOBoost Delivered Solutions

SEOBoost collaborated with HairBack Clinic to craft a comprehensive strategy aimed at enhancing their online visibility and positioning:

  • On-Page Optimization: SEOBoost meticulously optimized the website’s on-page elements, skillfully incorporating target keywords without resorting to keyword stuffing. This approach aimed to improve the website’s search engine rankings across multiple languages.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): Identifying key areas, SEOBoost strategically implemented forms to boost lead generation and conversion rates. This initiative aimed to turn website visitors into potential patients.
  • Content Marketing: Offering valuable insights, SEOBoost recommended topics for press and media publications, optimizing the content to resonate effectively with diverse language audiences. This strategy aimed to elevate the clinic’s brand awareness and credibility.
  • Technical Issue Resolution: SEOBoost provided ongoing support in addressing and resolving technical issues encountered on the website, ensuring smooth functionality and optimal performance.

The Results

Within just 90 days, HairBack Clinic witnessed a substantial increase of 267% in organic search impressions and a remarkable surge of 281% in organic traffic. This surge demonstrated a significant improvement in the clinic’s visibility and reach across multiple language-speaking audiences.

The implementation of CRO strategies resulted in a notable increase of over 100% in leads compared to the previous year, showcasing the enhanced effectiveness of the website in converting visitors into potential clients.

With the successful execution of the SEO project, HairBack Clinic solidified its position as the premier hair transplant destination in Turkey, leading to increased patient inquiries and a satisfied client base.

Why SEOBoost?

SEOBoost’s strategic interventions and holistic approach played a pivotal role in propelling HairBack Clinic to the forefront of the hair transplant industry in Turkey. The substantial surge in organic traffic, amplified lead generation, and reinforced brand positioning underscored the success of the collaborative effort. HairBack Clinic successfully established itself as the go-to destination for international clients seeking top-notch hair transplant services in Turkey, achieving significant growth and prominence within a short period.

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