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How Baie Botanique Increased Organic Traffic with Hybrid eCommerce SEO

Leveraging innovative eCommerce SEO strategies, the brand experienced a substantial surge in its digital presence and customer engagement.
Baie Botanique – Ecommerce Seo - Seo For Shopify Store
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United Kingdom

Company Size

10-50 employees


Beauty & Health

About the Company

Baie Botanique, an innovative and botanical skincare brand, is committed to revolutionizing skincare routines. Their product line focuses on leveraging natural ingredients and nutrition to create a lasting positive impact on skin health. Baie Botanique aims to achieve a radiant complexion without the need for makeup, promoting skin confidence and empowering women to embrace a foundation-free lifestyle.

The Challenge

Despite their commitment to natural skincare solutions, Baie Botanique faced challenges in maximizing their online presence and effectively connecting with their target audience. Dissatisfied with their previous SEO outcomes, the company sought SEOBoost’s assistance to optimize their e-commerce platform and elevate brand visibility.

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How SEOBoost Helped

SEOBoost took a holistic approach to address Baie Botanique’s challenges. Beyond conventional SEO tactics, the team extended their services to cover various aspects critical for online success:

  1. E-commerce Platform Migration: Assisted Baie Botanique in transitioning from WooCommerce to Shopify, enhancing the website’s functionality and user experience.
  2. Content Marketing: Crafted compelling and optimized content to engage the target audience and improve search engine visibility.
  3. Off-Page Marketing: Implemented strategies involving press and media features to amplify the brand’s reach and recognition.
  4. Analytics Enhancement: Identified and rectified analytic issues, providing thorough internal reporting via Google Spreadsheets to ensure comprehensive performance tracking.

The Results

Through the implementation of robust e-commerce SEO strategies, Baie Botanique achieved remarkable results, witnessing a 35% increase in organic search visibility. Additionally, the company experienced a substantial expansion in its customer base, with a remarkable 54% rise in email subscribers. This proactive approach significantly enhanced the brand’s online performance metrics.

Remarkably, Baie Botanique now upholds internal templates and meticulous records, enabling consistent tracking and monitoring across platforms, including Google Search Console, which may restrict long-term historical data. This proactive measure ensures continuous oversight, even within platforms with limitations, facilitating sustained growth and performance evaluation.

Why SEOBoost?

The collaboration between Baie Botanique and SEOBoost resulted in a transformative journey, propelling the brand towards sustainable growth and an enhanced digital presence. The combined efforts in SEO optimization, platform migration, content marketing, and analytics enhancement led to increased traffic, improved engagement, and a stronger connection with the target audience, fostering a brighter future for Baie Botanique in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

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